Error-Elimination Tools™

Over the past two decades, the US commercial nuclear power generation and commercial airline industries have substantially reduced both the frequency and severity of human error, and have driven significant events to nearly zero.

Simple behavioral tools have played a major role in this success.

At PPI, we’ve taken the same tools used by these industries and fashioned them into a format that’s fast, simple, and easy to use.

 The Error Elimination Tools™ handbooks offer quick on-the-job reference for each behavioral tool: WHY to use it, WHEN to use it, and HOW to use it- providing the ideal format for pre-job review, as well as for reference (if needed) while work is in progress.

The “Core” Tools

We refer to the first four tools as the “core” tools. You could begin your implementation with targeted focus upon these alone.

These Tools form the foundation for error reduction at the point of making a choice / taking an action (as well as for use of the remaining tools).

The “Core” tools include:

  • Questioning Attitude
  • STOP When Unsure
  • Self-Checking (aka “STAR”)
  • Effective Communication

Fundamental Tools

The first (7) tools (which includes the “core” tools) are the “Fundamental Tools”.

They are fundamental to error-free performance. We recommend these tools be used at all times while work is being conducted.

The Fundamental Tools are visually obvious within the handbook, each having a green border at the bottom of the page.

The Fundamental Tools include:

  • Questioning Attitude
  • STOP When Unsure
  • Self-Checking (aka “STAR”)
  • Effective Communication
  • Task Preview
  • Job Site Review
  • Procedure Use

Situational Tools

The (8) remaining tools are “Situational Tools”.

These Tools are to be used when appropriate for the situation.

The Situational Tools include:

    • Pre-Job Brief
    • Placekeeping
    • Turnover
    • Independent Verification
    • Peer Checking
    • Peer Coaching
    • Flagging
    • Post-Job Review
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Ordering Information

The Error Elimination Tools™ handbooks are sized and shaped to make it easy for workers to keep them handy on the job. They are printed on tear-proof / waterproof material for durability on the job. We highly recommend that every member of your team has (and uses) their own copy.

FREE SHIPPING in the continental United States.

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If you are considering ordering more than 2,000 copies, please contact us for a quote at 1-702-331-8391

The Perfect Companion…

The Error Elimination Tools™ User Guide

The Error Elimination Tools™ User Guide is the perfect companion to the Tools handbooks. The User Guide contains..

  • a detailed implementation plan (how to get team members to actually use the Tools
  • detailed information on each of the Tools (including what to watch out for as an observer/mentor)
  • additional Manager and Supervisor Tools
  • resources (including a sample Pre-Job Brief Check Sheet


The Error Elimination Tools™ in Spanish

(Herramientas de Eliminacion de error)

Your Spanish-speaking team members no longer have to interpret the Tools!

The Error Elimination Tools™ APP

(for phones and tablets)

It’s likely your team members have phones or work tablets. It’s also likely they always have them with them. NOW…they can have the Error Elimination Toolsä with them as well!

The interactive APP works on all phones and tablets.

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