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Practicing Perfection Documentary

This 20 minute documentary reveals the heart and soul of the mission and vision of Tim Autrey, Founder/CEO of The Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc.

PPI Resource Lab

Your Ultimate Source of Next-Gen Learning, Insights, Frameworks, Apps, and Tools. Your comprehensive solution for leading your team.

The Challenge

This two minute extremely powerful and unforgettable video issues a life-changing challenge.

6-Hour Safety Culture

In 6-Hour Safety Culture, a new groundbreaking book written by Tim Autrey, he shows you how to cast aside cumulative wasteful ‘old-school’ initiatives that drain resources and frustrate workers without adding any real value

Tim Autrey is a guest on the Brian Tracy Show

Tim Autrey, CEO / Founder of PPI speaks with Brian Tracy about the vision of PPI.

HPI Summit Testimonials

People are talking about Practicing Perfection Institutes’ Human Performance Improvement Summit. What are they saying? What’s the summit? Click here..

Man Made Disasters

The Answers

This 65-second video defines the major issue facing organizations today- the perception of apathy. At the very end, the simple and powerful solution is provided.

Next-Level Human Performance

This six minute video introduces you to the definition of Next Level Human Performance and busts a couple of long-held myths about organizational culture.


Part 1: How to Get Their Attention

There is a great deal of confusion in the world today about “human performance.” Unfortunately, this leads many to waste lots of time and money chasing the latest ‘programs’ designed to ‘fix’ people. In this video, Tim Autrey clearly defines “human performance”, laying it down as the true foundation for all your performance improvement efforts. From this base of understanding, he then offers you a simple and understandable explanation of the science of ‘attention’. Such awareness provides the ultimate solution to overcoming your first hurdle on your journey toward sustainable next-level performance.

Part 2: Influencing Behavior

Part 3: Engagement Alignment

Now that you have discovered HOW to get peoples’ attention (Video #1), and understand human motivation and the power of on-purpose experiences (Video #2), Tim Autrey details how to move beyond promotion of compliance to generate genuine desire on the part of workers to do the right things for the right reasons. He discusses where to begin: how to determine where you want to take your organization (using the Transformation Conversation), and then the importance of defining/refining your Core Principles (BEFORE you take any further actions to improve performance). He concludes by providing you with a simple next-level approach for engaging and aligning the members of your team.

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