Special Reports

PPI periodically publishes Special Reports on specific aspects of Next Generation Performance Improvement™. These Reports are based upon the latest research, science, and experience in the fields of performance improvement, psychology, and neuro-science.

They are to be freely shared as part of our efforts to help make our world a better and safer place.

REPS:NEXT Generation Performance Improvement

  • How to BALANCE [otherwise] conflicting priorities
  • The #1 best method for sustainably improving KPIs
  • A self-diagnostic for identifying your organization’s current Performance Culture and Priority Bias

Viral Accountability®: When ‘Good Enough’ is NOT an Option

  • Understanding the ‘formula’ for rapid and sustainable performance improvement
  • HOW to effect Viral Change
  • Achieving the ‘magical upward spiral’ for rapid and sustainable performance improvement

7 Deadly Myths about Culture Change

  • When approached properly, workers do NOT resist change!
  • More data is NOT the answer!
  • Culture change is NOT hard (and it does NOT take a long time)!
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