Rebekah L. Bradford

Director- Marketing and Branding

Cell: (603) 512-0047

Rebekah Bradford has spent the majority of her working career in management and leadership capacities, encompassing multiple workforce sectors. She assisted in the merchandising transformation within four Tuesday Morning locations in the Dallas, TX market. Rebekah was also involved in the hiring and training process of Tuesday Morning store managers across the nation.

Upon moving to Oklahoma City, OK, Rebekah tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit and launched an online clothing company for women. She ran all aspects of marketing, customer interaction, and inventory acquisition. She still operates the small, online store today.

Most recently, Rebekah graduated with her Master’s of Organizational Leadership from the University of Oklahoma. Wanting to aid in making the world a better place, she took a position within PPI as the Director of Marketing and Branding. She uses her learned experiences of training and marketing efforts throughout her professional career to providing essential input and direction to the PPI team.

Rebekah lives in NW Oklahoma City with her husband, nine-month-old baby boy (Jack), and two furbabies, Ollie and Laci.

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