Bob Catinazzo, PPM
Vice-President – Law Enforcement / Government Services
(877) 832-9492

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Supervisory Special Agent [retired] Bob Catinazzo is a recognized expert in human performance facilitation, error reduction, and culture transformation throughout the law enforcement community.

Over the course of his 20-year law enforcement career, Bob has represented the DEA as an instructor in many law Enforcement Conferences in the US and abroad. He has provided next-level instruction in the areas of Leadership, Tactics, Defensive Tactics, and Operational Risk Management, offering his insights and expertise to state and local Law Enforcement Officers, International Law Enforcement Officers, DEA Basic Agents, DEA Supervisors, and the FBI National Academy. Many who have attended Bob’s trainings have indicated that it was the best training they have ever experienced. Such comments have been received across the board, from executive to mid-level managers, front line supervisors, and line employees. As Unit Chief of the Academic Operations Unit, Bob contributed to the successful accreditation of the DEA Office of Training by the Federal Law Enforcement Accreditation (FLETA) Board. He is recognized as one of the most successful instructors ever certified by the DEA.

Bob is passionate about making a positive difference in this world, and is excited to now be leading efforts through the Practicing Perfection Institute. He developed a passion for the PPI processes as a participant in the PPC Certification Course in 2014. Upon his retirement from the DEA in September 2015, he jumped at the opportunity to become part of the PPI team, serving as Vice President of Law Enforcement / Government Services. In this capacity, he is wholly committed to making a true difference in the lives of law enforcement officers at all levels. Bob is renowned for his unique energetic approach to human performance, and the atmosphere he creates in both the classroom and lecture hall. Throughout his career, Bob has helped DEA agents and Law Enforcement Officers around the globe reignite their inner motivation and desire to enhance their knowledge on next-level leadership while enhancing safety and reducing human error.

Bob has been utilized by the DEA as an expert Tactical Witness, has authored Expert Reports in DEA cases throughout the US, and has achieved the following certifications:

· Certified as a DEA Tactical Instructor in July 2000

· Certified as a DEA Defensive Tactics Instructor in June 2000

· Certified in the principles of Force Science in February 2012

· Achieved Practicing Perfection® Certified (PPC) status in November 2014

· Certified as a PPI Master Facilitator in September 2015

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