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Monday, 2 April, 2018

Service Over Self-Interest

One of the best ways YOU can make things better, no matter how large (or small) your sphere of influence, is to take the LEAD.

If a floor needs to be swept- sweep it.

If a piece of code needs fixing- fix it.

If a report needs to be written- write it.

A true leader is anyone who puts service over self-interest-

who IS the example.

The best way to influence the behaviors of others is to demonstrate those behaviors yourself.

And behaviors never lie.

Large or small.  Junior or Senior.  YOU can LEAD.

The world is waiting for you to make this CHOICE.

When you do- those around you will be amazed.

And they’ll respond in ways you can’t imagine.

Be bold, and have an exceptional week!

P.S. The block rates for the upcoming PPI Cert Academy Courses expired yesterday.  HOWEVER, Cheryl is great at sweet-talking the Embassy folks into making exceptions.  There are a few seats left.  Give her a call at 1-702-331-8391.

Tim Autrey, Founder/CEO