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Monday, 9 July, 2018

Cheap Shower Curtains

Let’s say you’re outfitting a new 300-room hotel.

The “Bean Counters” discover they can save $45 per room by buying cheap shower curtains.  Multiply that times 300…you’re talking some serious bucks.

Those in charge of saving money have been Efficient.  They’ve done a “good job”.

Or have they…

Experience will reveal that cheaper shower curtains, apparently more Efficient in the short-term, are not Reliable.

They tend to allow water to go where it’s not supposed to- minor flooding room to room…day after day.

They wear out faster.

It turns out…cheap shower curtains aren’t actually cheap.

Thinking about buying “cheap shower curtains”?

I can still hear my Dad saying, “Buy the best quality tools you can afford.”

He was a long-term thinker.

Great advice.

Turns out…what’s most Reliable is also most Efficient in the long run.

Be BOLD and have a great week!

Until next week,

Tim Autrey, Founder/CEO