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My mother-in-law is 85 years old. Over the past few years we’ve had our chuckles over her efforts to use technology.

As the ‘lockdown’ continues through the end of the school-year, she decided to help some of her great-grandchildren by offering them an online writing class.


The thing is- the class didn’t start out so well. Between the kids fooling around and her frustration learning the tech, she ended the first session after 25 minutes.

Then, she brilliantly changed her strategy.

To start the second session, she asked her class of 7-to-13-year-old participants for some ‘tech assist’.

It’s an intrinsic human desire to want to help and feel valued- even at the age of 7.

The class went great.

No fooling around- lots of help with the tech.

The kids are now creating their ‘protagonists’ and ‘antagonists’ before session 3. Go figure.

Great-Grandma now knows how to use Zoom.

As everything continues to hyper-jump into virtual space, now may be the best time ever to tap into and learn from the younger members of your team.

What a great way to “bridge generational gaps!”

Talk soon,

P.S. If you’ve not yet done so, you might wanna discover which generation you think most like (Boomer, Xer, Millennial, or Gen Z). We’ve got a cool app for doing just that. You can access it HERE.

P.P.S. I was honored to be able to watch the [tech perfect] 3rd class. I can’t wait to read the amazing stories these kids are coming up with!

Until next time,

Tim Autrey

Founder/CEO- PPI

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