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Who Are YOUR Linchpins?

Multiple generations struggling to work together, crazy macro conditions, insane regulations- who has the greatest impact on whether you’ll end up on the high side…or get crushed? Who are your linchpins?

In rotating equipment, coupling is required to translate driving force into downstream results. Essential to the transfer of energy are components called, “linchpins.” The same is true in organizations.

Who are YOUR linchpins?

By whatever name you call them, your Linchpins are Team Members who directly assign & oversee tasks and jobs and provide feedback on performance- your Front-Line Supervisors.

Your Front-Line Supervisors are your…

- “eyes on the ground”,

- most visible Role Models,

- conveyors of the ‘bigger picture’ AND (most importantly)

- amplifiers or filters for energy, info, and instruction coming from above

Any military strategist knows that battles are essentially won (or lost) on the Front Line.

In organizations, the same is ultimately true when it comes to Reliability, Efficiency, Productivity, and SAFETY…

In a study we recently assessed, Front-Line Supervisors (FLS) had by far the greatest impact (38% of the total) on the potential for whether (or not) an accident occurred.


Training, Learning, and Development of new and current Front-Line Supervisors are grossly lacking in many (if not most) organizations. With rapidly shifting demographics, this [should be] a much greater on-the-surface concern.

Look- we come to work wanting to do a good job. This includes those you’re considering for elevation to supervisor, new supervisors, and current supervisors dealing with a crazy world and never-before-imagined requirements.

Everything coming from above (internally) and from without (externally) is being amplified and filtered by your Linchpins before being transferred downstream. Doesn’t it make TONS of sense to arm your FLS with Next-Gen Awareness, Strategies, Tools, and Abilities that will promote choices, actions, and behaviors that align with your Core Principles?

Now it’s [finally] simple and inexpensive to do so.

Check this out:

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