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[Monday Mindset] Values & Principles

Confusion continues between values and principles.

Many seem to think the two words mean the same thing.

They don’t.

This is a BIG deal for you as a leader.


Values are relative- they change.

For example, you place HIGH value on having a warm coat in the north during winter. Summer in the Caribbean? …not so much.

Same coat; however, its value to you changes dramatically.

Seasons come. Seasons go.

Changes in latitudes…changes in attitudes.

People (including you and your team members) have differing opinions, mindsets, perspectives, and…values.

Principles (on the other hand) are fundamental.

And there are a handful of ‘em that virtually everyone agrees upon.

Simple yet essential fundamentals like respect, safety, and integrity.

Values & Principles.

Different words for the ‘same’ thing?


The thing is- the distinction is critical when it comes to your team’s performance.

Here’s why:

Running your team or crew or organization based upon a handful of fundamental principles allows people with differing values to work together effectively.

And I know…I know…your organization has likely already put tons of effort and resources into defining and talking about your values.

And it’s likely been good stuff.

However- we’re not talking about the past…or even the present.

We’re talking about how to OWN the future.

Words matter.

Now more than ever.

Until next time my friend, be well and stay safe,

Tim Autrey

Founder/CEO- PPI

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