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[Monday Mindset] CULTURE determines RESULTS

Plant a mango tree, what do you get? Mangoes.

Grow and tend tomatoes? Tomatoes.

No mystery here- everyone gets this.

The tougher question…

Why do some trees, vines and plants produce tons of high quality, while others produce little- even under the same external conditions?

The answer lies in the ‘unseen’- underground…with the roots.

When it comes to plants of any kind- health of the roots is what mostly determines the quality and quantity of fruits.

What does this have to do with you and your team?

You’ve picked your business or industry.

You’ve chosen what to grow and what to produce.

Are your current yields top notch?

Are they ‘Grade A’ and abundant?

Or are you struggling?

The thing is- whether times are great (or not-so-great) the long-haul, and whether you’re successful or not, is mostly determined by what’s under the surface.

It’s generated through the collective interactions of your team members-

By how you all work TOGETHER (or not).

By what you and your team members expect and what you’re willing to accept.

In other words- your CULTURE.

When things aren’t going well, it’s common, simple, and easy to focus ‘above ground’- to point fingers, to blame lack of resources or other departments, regulators, politicians, customers, or the competition.

True leaders aren’t common.

They understand that as roots determine fruits- great performance is the outcome of a great culture.


So- where does growing a great culture begin?

If you’re in any position of authority- this one’s on you.

You’re either promoting and enabling a healthy and prosperous culture…or you’re ‘poisoning the soil’.

There’s no escaping this TRUTH; however, it does offer fantastic OPPORTUNITY.

So here’s my parting question- what are you doing to impact your culture today?

Until next time,

Tim Autrey

Founder/CEO- PPI

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