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Is Your Boss a Jerk?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Just last week a frontline supervisor in a “vital services” industry recently told me that things were MUCH better when the “bosses” were locked down at home.

“Now that they’re coming back,” he said, “things are starting to suck again.”

Is your ‘boss’ a jerk?

Or perhaps a BETTER question- do your Team Members think YOU are a jerk?

Recent surveys of 2,000 workers revealed that 20% hate their bosses. I’ve always considered “hate” to be a very strong word. It tends to rarely find a place in my vocabulary.

Just how negative do they feel? One in four looks forward to their boss’ vacation more than their own!

The top three most disliked traits included micromanagement (23%), not being available (16%), and lack of competence (13.5%).

In an era where retention of talent and skills is becoming evermore difficult, 82% would consider quitting because of a bad boss.

Considering the statistics, poor, inadequate, and inept leadership might very well be costing your organization far more than all of your external macro challenges combined.

What can you do about it?

First, don’t put your best technician into a supervisory role just because they’re your best technician. Leadership is a completely different skill set.

Second, BEFORE Team Members are promoted into leadership roles, help them understand and develop skills & abilities appropriate for today’s work constraints and shifting demographics. The BEST options for doing so, including those for new Front-Line Supervisors, can be found HERE.

Finally, for yourself, your existing leaders and supervisors, and for those being considered for promotion, access this free App: What Type Leader Are You? It provides exceptional insight into how a person’s predominant leadership traits stack up to shifting workforce demographics.

The future CAN be bright; however, as your Team Members adjust to whatever your organization has deemed “normal” for the near and intermediate term, your success into the future will rest on how well you learn to THINK Different, FEEL Different, and ultimately, to DO Different™.

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