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This is my Grandson, Parker, working hard to take his first step. He almost has it! This was yesterday…

He’ll likely land on the floor again and again before he figures out a new approach.

He’ll persist, and it won’t take long before he’s off to the races…

Kids are great that way. They learn. And they learn FAST.

Grownups? Not so much…

This is why you’re likely familiar with the commonly accepted definition of INSANITY- doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

The phrase has become cliché; however, its wisdom is quite sound.

Albert Einstein is most often credited for this brilliant observation. However- there’s no record he ever said it. Neither did Benjamin Franklin or Mark Twain.

The quote [actually] first appeared in 1981 in a document published by Narcotics Anonymous.

Things that make you go hmmm…

Back to my Grandson…

To achieve success, Parker must identify the ‘secret’ to taking an actual step, which is- lifting his foot off the floor. Once he’s figured it out, he then needs to muster the courage to actually DO it.

And he WILL.

As you’re reading this, Parker has likely long since achieved his true ‘first’ step. (When our daughter sends the video, I’ll give you an update.)

After all, OUR grandkids are smarter and more courageous than most I imagine… 😊

The message?

As this is true for learning to walk, it’s also true in our relationships with ourselves and those around us…

Whatever challenges we’re facing or opportunities we’re seeking, ‘better’ cannot be achieved by hanging onto past levels of thinking and doing.

If we want improved outcomes, we MUST identify better choices, actions, and behaviors, and then…have the courage to make them happen.

THINK different…FEEL different…DO different™.

Until next time-

Stay SAFE and DO Good.

BTW- If you're looking for the best learning opportunity I'm aware of for HOW to THINK different, FEEL different, and DO different, check this out:




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