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[FLS Part 1] Between a Rock and Hard Place

As we were able to get back on the conference circuit this summer, it was easy to tell that most attendees (us included) were quite happy to once again be together…in person.

Based on our anticipation of the landscape, we decided to feature “Leading From the Front” as our flagship presentation.

And boy…did we nail it! Many indicated our Front-Line Supervisor sessions were the highlight of the conference!

While Bobcat (Bob Catinazzo) and I are pretty good presenters, it wasn’t us- it was the CONTENT that rated so highly.


There’s currently a HUGE Need and Hunger for quality “next-gen” insights, strategies, and tools for HOW to effectively LEAD from "the front."

Whether you’re a more senior Leader or a Front-Line Supervisor yourself, you’re likely [quite] aware of this.

Crazy times mixed with a bunch of first-time younger-generation supervisors and multiple generations attempting to achieve harmony make this more essential than ever.

Unfortunately, many continue to make (4) MAJOR MISTAKES when it comes to Front-Line Leadership:

FIRST, being the best technician or operator is used as the primary basis for promotion to supervisor. Recognize that being a great ‘doer’ requires significantly different skills than what’s needed to effectively supervise others.

SECOND, supervisors tend to be levied with tons of responsibility yet denied much authority. This puts them “between a rock and a hard place.”

THIRD, supervisors are tasked with so many admin duties they have little (if any) time to put ‘boots on the ground’ and actually…supervise.

FOURTH, they’re often promoted into their new position with wholly inadequate (if any) training on HOW to be an effective Leader/Supervisor. This issue is becoming more acute as more new Supervisors are coming from younger generations.

When it comes to Items 1 through 3, here’s the solution: STOP DOING IT.

Item number 4?

Find instruction and insight that ‘covers the bases’ of the internal, macro, and people challenges currently bearing down upon your supervisors. And if you’re honestly looking for RESULTS, this must NOT be conventional old-school check-the-box training. In fact, what’s needed goes beyond ‘training’. What’s needed is appropriate Learning & Development.

If you’re seeking a remedy for new or struggling Front-Line Supervisors or happen to BE a Front-Line Supervisor wanting to excel in spite of today’s crazy workplace challenges, there is a very doable solution. GO HERE to check it out.

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