Episode 17


Organizational Thermodynamics – First Law

by | Feb 13, 2018 | RepsRadio.com | 0 comments

Are you playing to win…or are you playing not to lose? This is a HUGE question. Consider it carefully. Your [honest] answer to this question is pivotal to your future- personally and professionally. In this inaugural episode of REPSradio.com, Tim Autrey challenges you to consider the potential outcomes of your choices and decisions. He provides you with a powerful diagnostic tool that might very well alter your future and that of your team, your family…your entire organization.

In this episode, you will:

  • Learn WHY Newton’s Law is wholly inadequate when considering a ‘system’ of people
  • Recognize how ENERGY is continuously CREATED and DESTROYED within organizations
  • Compare Newton’s formula with the first-ever-revealed formula for organizational Energy Creation or Destruction
  • Understand how teams exponentially increase potential


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