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HPT- Technology vs Psychology

What does “human performance” mean to you? Most organizations who’ve begun to tread this performance improvement pathway either refer to “HPI” (Human Performance Improvement), or “HPT” (Human Performance Technology). Whatever you call it, any effective organizational effort to modify human behavior involves BOTH technology AND psychology. The technology piece includes everything from processes and procedures, [...]

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Things to Avoid (part deux)- the “Shiny Box Syndrome”

“People will do anything to cure a trouble, but little to prevent it.    -Claude Hopkins I continue to be baffled by the over-reliance of organizations upon software programs designed to accumulate data on the errant performance of…people. Decision-makers are apparently still being sold the “big shiny box” (the latest database ‘guaranteed’ to cure [...]

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It’s ‘Counterintuitive’

I just returned from Santiago, Chile. There is a restaurant in the financial district on Av Isidora Goyenechea called “Tiramisu”.  Suzette and I ate there three times in one week.  Why?  They served the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life. The BEST pizza I’ve ever had…in Chile! Three years ago I was in Canterbury, [...]

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From WHAT to HOW

Are you stuck in the WHAT at the expense of the HOW? In man’s early efforts to fly, he attempted to mimic the best practices of the best fliers. He crafted wings made of feathers, strapped them to his arms, jumped off a [cathedral] and flapped like crazy. When earlier attempts didn’t work, those who [...]

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Natural Laws

Reality:  No matter how smart, dedicated, or good lookin' you are, if you step off a cliff- you're [very likely] to get hurt. It's a Natural Law.  It's called gravity.    It applies to everyone on planet earth...equally. Just like natural laws, there are Natural Principles; principles that are important to virtually every human on the [...]

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“It’s not practical”…

In 1988 I was developing (and presenting) Operator training programs at a nuclear generating station in Louisiana.  My [highly technical] development tools at the time included pencil, paper, scissors, and tape. Those of us with keyboard skills knew that having access to a computer would substantially increase our output; however, each time we requested department [...]

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