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LEADERSHIP: My Favorite ‘F Word’

This is a transcript of Episode 011. To listen to the Podcast or download resources, Click Here. In 1905, a third-class patent clerk in Switzerland wrote four scientific papers in which he detailed a theory- a “special theory” involving space, time, and the relationship of one object to another. The world paid little attention [...]

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HPT- Technology vs Psychology

What does “human performance” mean to you? Most organizations who’ve begun to tread this performance improvement pathway either refer to “HPI” (Human Performance Improvement), or “HPT” (Human Performance Technology). Whatever you call it, any effective organizational effort to modify human behavior involves BOTH technology AND psychology. The technology piece includes everything from processes and procedures, [...]

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It Gets Your Attention (and…Merry Christmas!)

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wiser, so I am changing myself." -Rumi Four days before Thanksgiving. Room 7018. West Tower- REX (UNC) Medical Center in Raleigh, NC. An oncologist, a urologist, an internist, the hospital general surgeon, and a vascular surgeon stopped by, each offering their [...]

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The Box Checkers

You’ve likely experienced them. You might be dealing with one or more of them right now. You might even…be one (gasp). What's a "box checker"? We've been given an extreme case of ‘box checking’ (and its consequences) through a VERY well-known 2,000-year-old story. The story is about a guy washing his hands… He had done [...]

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How Can I Possibly Focus on…Everything? (Part 2- Transcend…)

"It's the best possible time to be alive, when almost everything you thought you knew is wrong." -Valentine (from Tom Stoppard's play Arcadia) Are you a leader? Interesting query to consider (unless your name resides at some elevated level on your company org chart, in which case you might jump to an affirmative response). But…I’d [...]

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How Can I Possibly Focus On…Everything? (Part 1- A Revelation)

In the world of Performance Improvement (PI), it appears we’ve worked ourselves into quite a ‘pickle’. While doing my research for our latest Special Report (REPS: Next Generation Performance Improvement), I came to a stark realization- in spite of massive resources being spent on training and performance improvement (more than $300 Billion per year), most [...]

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Cutting the Andon Cord

The Toyota Production System, often more affectionately referred to as “TPS, is built upon a set of underlying principles, embodied in what became known as the “Toyota Way”. This ‘system’ is largely responsible for the company that Toyota has grown into over the past four decades. We’ve owned four Toyotas- all exceptionally good vehicles! The [...]

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The Sirens of Performance Improvement

“Next, where the Sirens dwell, you plough the seas; Their song is death, and makes destruction please.”               -Homer (The Odyssey) Have you ever left port on a ship and traveled into the open sea? Casting off, you head outward, slicing smoothly yet deliberately through the calm emerald green harbor [...]

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Finally: Tangible Insight for Rapidly Transforming Organizational Culture

HOW TO Swiftly and Sustainably Grow a Just Culture, Safety Culture, and High Reliability CHEYENNE, WYOMING, June 30, 2015 – At long last, the corporate myth that organizational culture change is ‘hard’ and ‘takes a long time’, has been officially busted. The ‘how to’ insight provided in the newly released book, 6-Hour Safety Culture- How [...]

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Here’s to the Crazy Ones- the Ruckusmakers

Today would have been Steve Jobs’ 60th birthday. In his honor, TODAY is the first official Ruckusmakers’ Day, being celebrated all over the world. Here’s a [very] partial list of Ruckusmakers… Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. Martin Luther King had a dream. Amelia Earhart told us that the most effective way to [...]

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