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Are you Listening to Your Employees?

By Bob Catinazzo

Individual and organizational performance improvement programs and facilitators sprout up worldwide as organizations look for ways to inspire their employees and reduce human errors. But unfortunately, failed attempts far outnumber successes. Why? Because organizations fail to grasp a fundamental truth. The answer to your challenges is found within your organization, not through external forces! In other words, the people who do the work are the ones who have the answers, so why not ask them?


People are constantly asking me questions about individual and organizational performance improvement and often ask me how I can assist them with their improvement efforts. So, I always begin with this question: What do your employees say?  


Who knows best where the Traps, Roadblocks, and Landmines are in your organization? The people ‘closest’ to them - the people who must deal with them while attempting to complete work and who likely have excellent ideas on how to dig up vulnerabilities and get rid of them?


To chart a course most effectively and efficiently to organizational performance improvement, you must first understand your starting point, which begins with the pulse of your organization, your front-line employees!


We always encourage our clients to begin their performance improvement efforts with a Culture Profile. The PPI Culture Profile, which is the only assessment approach of its type in the field of Human Performance, assesses the error-likeliness of Organizational Culture in (5) Key Areas:


  • Systems & Structures

  • Openness & Awareness

  • Ownership

  • Error-Likely Environment

  • Mindset Toward Improving Performance

Human Errors (mistakes) directly inhibit and diminish Reliability, Efficiency, Productivity, and Safety. By understanding aspects of the work Environment and work Culture that are causing frustration and making mistakes more likely, targeted efforts can be put into place to address them directly via subsequent training.


Want to learn more about the first step? Here is a link to our Culture Profile.


Let me know how I can help!

Bob Catinazzo

Bob Catinazzo, PPM

Practicing Perfection Institute

Executive Vice-President – Client Services

(203) 738-8466

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