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Performance Improvement 3.0

Human Performance / Organizational Performance / Culture Transformation 

The Safety, Reliability, Productivity, and Profitability of your Team, Company, and entire Enterprise are DIRECT OUTCOMES of the moment-by-moment Choices, Actions, Behaviors, and Interactions of your Team Members.

Creating and Growing One Team, with One Goal, having One Conversation is your secret to Industry, Regulatory, and Competitive DOMINANCE

Helping you Achieve such a CULTURE is WHY we exist…


Opportunities, Options, & Solutions

Getting from where you are to where you want to be requires you and your

Team Members to THINK Different, FEEL Different, and [ultimately] DO Different™.

PPI Training, Learning, & Development (TL&D) Opportunities and Options provide

the pathway for you to do so with SPEED, SIMPLICITY, FLEXIBILITY & AFFORDABILITY.

Heading 6

Training, Learning, & Development (TLD)


Achieving and Sustaining

Next-Level Performance demands that You and your Team Members

THINK Different, FEEL Different, and DO Different. 

PPI TL&D Opportunities include...


Smart APPs & Simple TOOLs to help you and your Team Members rapidly and reliably improve performance


Your Ultimate Source of Human & Organizational Performance (HPI/HOP) Improvement Learning, Exercises, Self-Assessments, Team Briefings, Videos, Apps, and Resources


  • Jumpstart Packs

  • LEADER Worksheets

  • Team Briefings & Exercises

  • Extensive Video Library

  • APPs & TOOLs Recourse Center

  • Tim Autrey's INNER CIRCLE

  • Monthly Membership               (No contract required!)


Resources to help you join the conversation and tap into the Community of Professionals committed to making our world a Better and Safer place​

TL&D Bottom Row

Training, Learning, & Development (TLD)


PPI TL&D Opportunities are available across formats & venues that can be mixed, matched, and/or custom-formatted to serve your geographical, cost, or restricted-access needs or constraints.

Venue/Format Options include..

Culture & Effectiveness Assessment


True & Honest awareness of your current cultural strengths and challenges is essential for

effective and sustainable  performance improvement

Understanding Your Culture...


"What I got was pretty much what I learned while earning my Masters Degree in Organizational Change, but synthesized in three days."

Alina Ortega Bustamante

Senior Organizational Development Consultant- Austin Energy

Ready to learn more?

Whether your current focus is upon Safety, Reliability, Productivity, Profitability, or all of these...the Next-Gen Approach WILL help you improve performance.

A great place to begin your Next-Level Journey is with the REPS Special Report.

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