The Sirens of Performance Improvement

“Next, where the Sirens dwell, you plough the seas; Their song is death, and makes destruction please.”               -Homer (The Odyssey) Have you ever left port on a ship and traveled into the open sea? Casting off, you head outward, slicing smoothly yet deliberately through the calm emerald green harbor [...]

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Finally: Tangible Insight for Rapidly Transforming Organizational Culture

HOW TO Swiftly and Sustainably Grow a Just Culture, Safety Culture, and High Reliability CHEYENNE, WYOMING, June 30, 2015 – At long last, the corporate myth that organizational culture change is ‘hard’ and ‘takes a long time’, has been officially busted. The ‘how to’ insight provided in the newly released book, 6-Hour Safety Culture- How [...]

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