For many of us, this is the first “work” day of the new year…of the new decade for that matter.

For those of us who choose to make it so, 2020 will be a turning point. A chance to decide what’s important and worth working for. A chance not for ‘resolution’, but for COMMITMENT (see last week’s message).

For others, it’ll merely be another day of living yesterdays and today… over again.

What’ll it be for you?

Consider this-
If you and I were having this conversation a year from now, looking back over those past 12 months, what would’ve had to happen for you to feel happy with what you did with them?

The future is showing up whether you like it or not.
What you do with it is your choice.

Why not choose [COMMIT] to make a difference?

Until next time, here’s to a GREAT decade!

P.S. I couldn’t resist the ‘play’ on “20/20 in the year 2020”. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more of it. If you rolled your eyes, I trust you did so with clear vision!

P.P.S. The question I posed to you, “…looking back over those past 12 months…” is part of what we call the Transformation Conversation. It’s a great talk to have with yourself, and no better time than at the dawn of a new decade! If you’d like to engage in the full conversation, we have a gift for you. It’s an App that’ll help you become MUCH clearer about your coming year. You can access it HERE.

Tim Autrey
Founder/CEO- PPI

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